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For na*ked cinema the audience is making its own film. Screenplays and dialogues taken form the CINEMA UNDER STARS programme of the past years, have been read, staged and new interpreted. "Unser Publikum liest Film" to see at Kino ohne Ort in July.

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The shooting will take place in June, the outcome will be presented at the Kino ohne Ort in July.


At the beginning of May we called on our audience to take part at the casting for the project "Unser Publikum liest Film". Numerous participants tested themselves on dialogues from Casablanca, To Be or Not to Be, Planet of the Apes, The Women and Ghostworld. Everyone did well - we're proud of our audience.

A detailed report and another trailer can be found at


The shooting for "Unser Publikum liest Film" took place in June. At the set of the first shooting day, the Rinderhalle St. Marx, the protagonists performed action and science fiction screenplays. At second shooting, taking place in the baroque Augarten and devoted to comedies, the actors did well too. At the Schuhwerkstatt Seibel the actors of the third shooting day performed screenplay from romantic movies. The whole team took part at the project with engangement and pleasure. Everyone did a great job and we're looking forward to the premiere of "Unser Publikum liest Film" at the Kino ohne Ort in July.

    Kino ohne Ort
Unser Publikum liest Film to see at Kino ohne Ort

Wednesday 9th of July - Main entrance Augarten
Sunday 13th of July - Cancelled due to weather conditions
Tuesday 15th of July - Courtyard Zirkusgasse 40, 1020 Vienna
Thursday 17th of July - Cancelled due to weather conditions

Beginning 21.30

The location will be announced at the day of the screening here: x x x
And under A1 Freeline 0800 664 040

Don't forget to bring your folding camp chair or stool!
As deposit for the headphones an identy card is required!

Free Entrance



Unser Publikum liest Film - Credits


Martin Rupert Bauer
Titanilla Eisenhart
Florian Flicker
René Huget
Johanna Hahn
Malin Heinecker
Katharina Kneidinger
Pamela Krumphuber
Hans Langsteiner
Ruth Leskovar
Angela Leucht
Anja Meinhardt
Olaf Möller
David Rams
Thomas Taborsky
Josef Weißenböck
Michael Werner
Barbara Wurm
Ewald Zimmel

Director and Director of Photography
Leonie Wieser

Production assistent
Lisa Weber

Laura Endres

Leonie Wieser, Judith Wieser-Huber

Kindly supported by

Wiener Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Ing. Karin Strini
Leopold Trünkel GmbH, Mag. Hans Trünkel
Großmarkt Wien-Inzersdorf, MA 59, Franz Kopecky
Firma Ludwig Seibel Schuhzubehör
Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Professor Unfried
Annemarie Marschler, Caritas Socialis

Thanks to

all Casting participants
Atanas Tchochlakov